Apps & Games

  • cyberjass

    Cyber Jass

    The Schieber Jass for mobile (or Chibre in French), funny, free and easy to handle. The game implements the Schieber Jass, a typically Swiss deck card game, for 4 players.

  • cyberbelote

    Cyber Belote

    Implements various variants of Belote like 'La Coinche', 'La Contrée', 'La Vache'. Can be played online or solo.

  • tunerpal

    Tuner Pal

    Tune your string instrument, from the Archlute to the Violin, passing by the Guitar, with this fast, accurate and easy going tuner.

  • cyberbelote

    Fame Voice

    Have fun by comparing your voice with those of the most famous characters, real or fictional, in the world.