• gui

    GUIs and high performance display

    Over decades, our GUIs provides customers with handy and performant experience, allowing to reach the highest achievements.

  • systems

    High speed acquisition systems

    Big data comes with big throughput. Have your Terabyte data available in a snap and perform the highest demanding analysis operations.

  • ssl

    Network, client/server, curl, SSL

    Safe sharing and communicating is a requirement for today's competitivity. Did you know it could be performant too?

  • develop

    Develop a new design from scratch

    Starting with the right design is a key for a team success. Make it happen by starting with the strongest bases to expand the future.

  • improve

    Improve an existing design

    World changes and adaptation is a need. Optimize and redesign existing applications to reach the highest level of standard.

  • coach

    Coach a Team

    Knowledge and coordination can make a difference. Use the right tools and organisation to make a success of it.